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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Repetitive, high volume tasks, with defined business process decisions, can be automated through RPA technology to substantially increase an organization’s ROI. Focus Consulting Firm has the knowledge and experience to design and develop cost effective automation that drastically reduces processing time and error rates. We have developed BOTs that have decreased an organization’s processing time by as much as 98%, with 100% accuracy, while providing feedback of the output. No matter the task, if it is recurring and high volume, the process can be reviewed by our team for an automated solution. Our developers work directly with you and your functional experts to ensure that no requirements are left out and that testing is conducted thoroughly.

Use Case: Identify and Correct Financial Transaction Errors

In our Proof of Concept (POC), the financial system, Command Financial Management System (CFMS) acts as a feeder system into the general ledger accounting system, Standard Accounting and Budgeting Reporting System (SABRS). Transactions sent for reimbursable authority have failed some of the SABRS edit checks, so a response code is provided back to CFMS. There is not a simple reporting feature to see these codes and the corrective action can increase workload to the end user, even for simple corrections. The below POC accesses all of the rejected transactions, searches for each transaction individually to get the latest response from SABRS, then attempts to correct all transactions that are mapped to specific business rules based on the error code. In the POC below, 10 transactions were corrected in 3:50 minutes that would otherwise require 1 labor hour, resulting in a 94% reduction in processing time. This means that 100 transactions could take a user 10 hours to correct, while Focus Consulting’s bots can get the same work done in as little as 36 minutes, with 100% accuracy.