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Focus Consulting Firm offers a variety of management consulting services.

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Our financial management service enables our clients to interpret, evaluate, and summarize complex financial reports, making it easier to confidently brief and advise on financial operations. We examine all relevant documents, reports, records, and processes, to ensure full compliance in accordance with regulations. Beyond existing regulations, we stay a step ahead by tracking new mandates, so your focus can remain on mission while ours is on solving challenges.
Our budgetary support involves effectively consolidating, presenting, and defending budget submissions. We examine and make recommendations to spend plans, to ensure performance metrics are met during the year of execution. Through the development of easily interpreted Status of Funds and execution reports, we help accurately track the organization’s budget.
By applying effective operations management, we enhance productivity while mitigating loss of resources, time, and capital. Our methods force us to “Think Inside”, we analyze current business processes and extrapolate the essential steps. We tailor our approach to each of your business processes in order to accurately identify risks and implement controls. Once implemented, we assess and reassess to ensure our controls are producing the desired outcome. This methodology will be applied from administrative activities to executive level operations for an overall more efficient business environment.
Our audit support is focused on developing guidelines that conform to Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). The approach is to analyze your documents, records, and current processes to determine whether they meet the audit standard. We use these findings to help make recommendations for improvements and/or implementations of policies to support audit readiness.
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